Get your Music video and Artist/Band featured on our Weekly Live presented Music Show "Spotlight"

Spotlight features Music Videos , Interviews and News from around the world . 
The 45 Minute show Broadcasts a new episode each week and is repeated through out each week for all time zones . The episodes are also made available as standalone episodes on Youtube , Facebook , Vevo and on-Demand for Amazon Prime TV .

Music Show "Spotlight" Feature

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  • By proceeding with your order you aknowledge that you are the owner of the rights to the Audio and Visual content delivered to us and grant us the right for distribution based on your chosen order for all territories included within the service . If you have a publishing deal or have a third party contracted to manage your streaming royalties , you are solely responsible for informing them to whitelist our Streaming channels to allow your content to be broadcast without copyright claims . Should third party copyright claims result in your audio/video content been blocked during broadcasting , you take full resposibility and will not be subject to any form or refund or re-embursment due to your own or your contracted parties neglegance.


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