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MusicNation TV - The all new 24/7 Music Channel

MusicNation.tv is the all new 24/7 Music Channel coming to all streaming platforms as well as Amazon Prime TV and android ! The channel will feature in its first phase one unified stream covering mostly Rock , Hard Rock and Heavy Metal however very soon a further 3 seperate stream will be launched to cover the wide range of Genres MusicNation.Tv aspires to present . These 3 streams will be RockiT (Rock , Alt rock , Indie , Classic Rock etc) , Country&Folk and LOUDER which will cater for Heavy Metal and it's numerous subgenres. The main Stream after that will continue to transmit as a main platform accomidating a wide variety of music for everyone !

MusicNation's program will be made available for Free over streaming platforms such as Youtube , Facebook Live and Vimeo , but will aslo be broadcast through a standalone Amazon Prime TV Channel which will offer the stream and the Music Videos as standalone titles available whenver and wherever you are ! At this time a official app is also in the making for mobile devices as well as integration with Android TV owners ! MusicNation has made it clear it wants to put alot of weight behind independent Music creators and artists and promote unsigned acts to worldwide audiences , giving them the opportunity to reach out and be seen and heard without having to be part of a large Label or breaking the bank to do so . As stated on their website - There is no such thing as not nig enough for TV - , something that in the age of digital streaming should already be mainstream however , artists are still being blocked from accessing global broadcasting opportunities without being part of a paying label . We are waiting for the launch date for MusicNation which should be withint April ! Stay Tuned !