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Telling the Story - Music as an Instrument

Today we meet David Gagne with "The Reroutes of Involuntary Reroute" , recording artists of the track "Hidden City Flyer" as well as Robert Laney, the track's writer who is as stated in the song's press release as "a 30 year travel industry veteran versed in airline deception" . Now you might think this is a really weird way of approaching a music review or artist feature however "Hidden City Flyer" could or should be described as a marketing theme song in itself promoting the website i-reroute.com which ventures to expose the way airlines manipulate the system into "filling their most comfortable seats" as well as provide relevant info to flyers on ways of taking advantage of the tactics used by airlines. All this is available in detail on the website mentioned above as well as having its own line of T-shirt merch you can purchase to support the site . Now , down to the musical part !

"Hidden City Flyer" is what could be called a show theme song . Short versed , to the point , lyrics directly relatable to the website and its theme , full stop. Coming just under the 3 minutes in length and following a rock n'roll approach , the song's music video follows David Cagne as he traverses the world of airline ticketing while enjoying the percs of using their ticketing tactics to his advantage , sipping champagne as a VIP . The video is creatively set and recorded at the Historical TWA terminal at JFK . In conclusion , "Hidden City Flyer" is a sort of "Friends" theme song for the i-reroute website . Catchy chorus that sticks in your head and inevitably draws your attention to the tactics used , and which you could use as well , in order to secure a more favorable seat for your money in this age where frequently flying is the new norm .