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ASSEMBLY6 - Crimson Skies (Music Video Debut)

ASSEMBLY 6 – The very first Music Video from US band delivers a brutal new song "Crimson skies" directed and produced by the band themselves ! The music videos is available to view on youtube account and you can listen to it on our Metalzone Spotify Playlist !

PRESS RELEASE – "Assembly 6 Created this video as a breakthrough for our groups first ever music video. We spent alot of time working on the storyboard, the props, and coordination of actors. We came up with the idea from the name Crimson skies. The video is an adaptation of a book we read. Everyone did a fantastic job, and we loved editing the shots!"

OUR VERIDCT : ASSEMBLY6 has debuted with their first music video for the track "Crimson skies" . The US Metalcore act delivers a pounding song both musically and lyrically through their self produced music video which is according the band an adaptation of a favourite book , though we don't know which one ... The raw sound of the track is something that will attract fans of the underground music scene. The chosen production adds to the aggresive guitar riffs and unprocessed vocals an old school feel reminding us that a good songs and powerful performances can outweigh an expensive and polished production . Assebmbly6's first work sample leaves us satisfied that the band has the potential to become a strong name within their music scene and we look forward to a fully procuded debut album or EP where the band will no doubt showcase their talent !